A 22 Foot Snake + Conan O'Brien

Hilarious clip with Conan and Steve Irwin... man is that ever a huge snake! A real shame what happened to Steve he is certainly missed by many... It is good that we have clips like this to remember him by.

Next, simply because I love Triumph The Comic Insult Dog here is a clip from the Video Music Awards. Eminem gets a little nasty with all of his body guards surrounding him... what a little punk! All of the other "stars" in this clip seem to take Triumph's humor quite well, but then again they don't really show you what happens after the onslaught of insults...

And finally a little "Classic Conan" from his early days... in this next clip he is interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger! He gives Conan a few tips on how to get a chiseled figure among other things : ) Enjoy!

For more Conan check out the interview with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson or Will Ferrell on Conan!


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